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I was watching Shrek 2 tonight, and I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before.



I'm always going to think of this when Artemis uses his 'special power.'

In case you're wondering...

The April plot's start will be delayed until this weekend. Sorry, guys, but college is consuming my time for the next few days.


PEL Post #1

For those of you who need an explanation, see here.

Comment away, folks. All responses to this post are screened.


Plot + Sign Ups

So, after counting the votes, we're going with the first plot idea for the month of April: the plot in which random characters get turned into random Pokémon by a magician.

Now, there's going to be a few catches to this. Because it'd be boring if we all were Pokémon, I counted the number of active and semi-active characters and divided this number by three so that, at most, we can have three-quarters of the cast turn. On top of that, there's a few rules:

1. If you sign up and have multiple characters, the maximum number of characters you can have turn is two if you have three in total and one if you have two in total. To make this clear, if you have three characters, only two of them can turn. If you have two, only one of them can. If you have one, then I really don't care.

2. In order to sign up, please mention your reason for having your character at the Market. This will be brought up again in the plot post where we build up to that part as well as the sign-up sheet. This prevents characters who have absolutely no reason for being in the area from simply trying to take a slot from another player.

3. The plot post in which we build up to the part where we turn will be done via LiveJournal comments and must be finished in order to get to the rest of the plot for the sake of continuity. Please keep this in mind before signing up. You will be poked repeatedly if it's your pose until you actually post.

4. As a reminder, you can choose native or non-native Pokémon, but whatever you do will need to be the lowest form of its evolutionary line. For example, your character cannot turn into a Pikachu, but she can turn into a Pichu. Also, keep in mind the climate and terrain of the setting. Turning your character into a Feebas, for example, would be a Very Bad Idea unless you want to spend the entire month flopping around the only river near Tin City. You don't have to state what you're turning into just yet because this is a pretty straightforward rule here, but you can if you want to.

With all that in mind, the character list thus far:

Read more...Collapse )


Contact + New Feature

As a general reminder, all of the staff members have LJs along with contact information on their character profiles. If you need to get in touch with us about anything game-related, feel free to drop us a line via IM, LJ PM, or e-mail. Also, remember that the OOC community is open to all members, not just mods. If there's something you want to say and wouldn't mind several people reading it, feel free to post to this comm.

Also, I'm planning on starting a new feature called the PEL system. (Technically, "PEL" stands for "Post Event Letter," and it's meant to be an e-mail from players after every gaming session that tells the GMs how they're doing. But I'm too uncreative to come up with a better name for something I clearly did not steal from offline games.) What this means is that every so often, I or one of the other mods will make a post that you can comment to (through screened comments) that states what you think of what we're doing thus far. These comments can include:

1. Problems you have with the plot or what you thought was awesome about the plot.
2. Problems you're having with other players/the GMs.
3. Things you generally think can be handled better.
4. Anything else game-related.

It's not a dramafest, and it's not a play-by-play retelling of what you did during the game. It's a feedback method that allows us to get an idea of what we're doing right or what we shouldn't do again. Also note that whatever you suggest will be taken into consideration, but whatever comes out of it is done with the game and the group in mind. For example, if you have a problem with the fact that Hemlock's giant mecha Ariados can't be destroyed by a shot from a single sniper, that's probably because we're going to do something evil to get everyone involved later. Likewise, if you think the game is too cracky and it continues to be too cracky, that's probably because a bunch of other people said they like it cracky.

Comments to the PEL post are not mandatory, but if you do send us something, we'll think of something nice to give you in return, especially if you do it consistently.

For right now, because of a lack of activity and our plots' speeds at the moment, we're going to make a PEL post once a month on the last day of every month. That means the first PEL post will be made in two days. Keep an eye out for it!


Contact Info

I was thinking it might be nice and convenient if we had a listing/post that had each player's contact information (it'd include how to contact them and what characters they play) which would mean new players wouldn't have to go sifting through the old applications when adding people to their MSN/AIM buddy lists.

Thinking back, I believe The Network had something like this, but I could be wrong.

Either way - a helpful idea, I'd think.

Actually, if everyone wants to comment and leave that info here, I could organize a list if Jax doesn't want to make a section on the site. ^_^

Vote for the next plot!

For those of you keeping up with the murder, a little summary of what went down:

Read more...Collapse )

That aside, we're fast approaching April, and we could use a new plot, couldn't we? Well, there's two ideas to get us all involved. Vote for the one you like best by commenting to this post.

Your ChoicesCollapse )

Remember, you get one vote. Also, any idea not chosen may be saved for a later moment of sadism.


Some notes...

For those of you who've been keeping up, currently, the murder plot is still in full swing. Anyone who wants to get involved can totally step up. We can have suspects and sleuths -- anyone you want to be. Just leave a comment to ask about how to get in.

Also, to kick the comm back into gear, here's a list of MIA characters (characters that haven't posted in scenes or logs in a month). We know a lot of stuff's been going on, but we promise we won't bite.

Aislinn Duffy
Jonas Ramirez
Phineas DeLange

If you've got scene ideas or things you want to do, feel free to post them to this comm, and we'll flock to you.

As a side note, as some of you might've noticed, we actually have multiple staff members. lineaalba is officially our co-mod (and has been for several months -- oops) and one of two new approvers. (And by "new," I mean... for the past several months. Oops.) She's basically the person who makes sure you don't burn down the place while I'm gone. (Note the "while I'm gone" part.) Meanwhile, sexysuitsteven is our third approver and resident fact-checker. For that, in total, you need two votes (a majority) to get approved on the app comm.

And as a final reminder, the OOC comm isn't just for mod posts and announcements. Anything out-of-character that relates to the game is completely welcome here. Questions, suggestions, random things you think would be cool... The sky's the limit.


Response to a recent incident

Okay, we're not really naming names here, and frankly, I don't actually care what the reason for it actually was. However, allow me to make something very clear very quickly.

Recently, one of our players was contacted by external means (i.e., not e-mail, IM, et cetera) sometime between four and five in the morning due to a game-related issue. Allow me to emphasize that this kind of thing is definitely not cool and is grounds for expulsion from the game if I hear about it because it's technically physical and psychological harassment (given that you're preventing players from sleeping).

Please note that in every profile on the character comm, there's a section titled Player Information. Underneath that is a listing of alternate means of contacting a player (including e-mail), the time zones a player is living in, and the best times to contact them. This is not just for roleplaying purposes. It's for everything related to the game. (Although, really, out of courtesy, assume it's for everything, period, unless the person tells you otherwise.) If you have something to tell a player and need to keep it private, please use what's in those fields to figure out the best way to contact them. Alternatively, if you don't mind giving the rest of the game the option to read what you have to say, this OOC comm is designed for out-of-character interaction.

Long story short, if I hear about it happening again, the person who does it will be permanently banned from the game without further warning. Remember, if you need to discuss game-related issues, please do it logically.

Comments are disabled to prevent further discussion on this one. Sorry, folks, but it's pretty straightforward here. (And I'm not kidding when I say I don't care why it happened.)


Okay, about the murder plot...

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to everyone on this, but here's the OOC end of the story thus far:

Over a month ago, a bunch of you began a scene that was meant to go into the Blackthorn residence and find whatever it is about the murder you can find. In the middle of this, we had the sheriff Luc participate.

Unfortunately, that scene fell through not long later, in part because Luc's player then left. I can understand that the scene came to a standstill at that point because it's heavily awkward when a character suddenly stops responding.

Although the player is back, technically, his character is no longer the sheriff. As a result, we've got two choices:

1. Continue the scene and assume it's still January 18th.
2. Retcon the scene.

As it stands, I can't really push the plot forward until the lot of you enter the house. If we go with the former, we can have your group find information that's a bit fresher. If we go with the latter, information will be staler, and there's currently a scene in the IC community that you can join in order to get it. (It's the latest LJ scene. Pretty easy to find.) And, hey, if no one joins, it'll still be a canon scene I'll finish in the comments. Someone's gotta investigate this. Lizzie's getting antsy, I'm sure.

Leave a comment with which option you choose. Please keep in mind that if you go with the former, for the sake of not letting a plot die, you will be asked to revive and maintain the LJ scene. Mostly because, seriously, guys, it's a two-month-old plot.