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August Plots

Okay, so. Thanks to the latest scene, we're actually wrapping up the Cacnea plot. Here's what went down:

1. Hemlock has tried to gain possession of the next piece of the all-important, mysterious map. This resulted in uber fail when a mysterious, underground beast kinda laid the smackdown on him. Instead, Julian now has it.

2. The Cacnea need to be herded back to their proper place. Some will go gradually, but if anyone has any skills, go for it.

3. You might feel some tremors/minor earthquakes for the next week.

Other than that, what do I have planned for you guys for the month of August? Absolutely nothing. Gasp, what's this, you say? No plot? Well, yeah. See, the thing is, I'm hopping town for about a week and a half in the middle of the month, and Dani won't exactly be around, either. Hence, you're pretty much without anyone except Jer. And, uh... yeah.

So, instead, you guys get a month to do whatever the hell you want. Have an orgy with every prostitute in town? Okay. Rob a bank? Sure. Eat peyote and experience a psychedelic Native American-esque spirit quest? Go for it. Just remember that whatever you do during the next month will, of course, have consequences, and if you do something really psychotic, the GMs will have fun with you in September.

Also, if you've got to kill off your character, they stay dead. Going after any of the legendaries counts as killing off your character. One of the few restrictions to keep in mind.

Okay? Okay then!



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