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We should totally have a capslock comm for this game.

For those of you who need a bit of a visual aid to get into the world of La Blanca, YouTube has the full-length film, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly up for a limited time. If you've never seen this film, it's one of the all-time classic westerns, so it's totally worth it.

August Plots

Okay, so. Thanks to the latest scene, we're actually wrapping up the Cacnea plot. Here's what went down:

1. Hemlock has tried to gain possession of the next piece of the all-important, mysterious map. This resulted in uber fail when a mysterious, underground beast kinda laid the smackdown on him. Instead, Julian now has it.

2. The Cacnea need to be herded back to their proper place. Some will go gradually, but if anyone has any skills, go for it.

3. You might feel some tremors/minor earthquakes for the next week.

Other than that, what do I have planned for you guys for the month of August? Absolutely nothing. Gasp, what's this, you say? No plot? Well, yeah. See, the thing is, I'm hopping town for about a week and a half in the middle of the month, and Dani won't exactly be around, either. Hence, you're pretty much without anyone except Jer. And, uh... yeah.

So, instead, you guys get a month to do whatever the hell you want. Have an orgy with every prostitute in town? Okay. Rob a bank? Sure. Eat peyote and experience a psychedelic Native American-esque spirit quest? Go for it. Just remember that whatever you do during the next month will, of course, have consequences, and if you do something really psychotic, the GMs will have fun with you in September.

Also, if you've got to kill off your character, they stay dead. Going after any of the legendaries counts as killing off your character. One of the few restrictions to keep in mind.

Okay? Okay then!


June Plot: Love Is In the Air

It's June. You know it's a hot month, and if you've been here for awhile, you know summer's the time when the bandits get a little stir-crazy and hold up the local bank.

However, what you weren't expecting to see was what you found when you went out the door one day.

Cacnea and Cacturne. Hundreds of them, and they're all filling the streets.

Sure, Cacnea and Cacturne mate around this time of year, but you're usually used to having them do so somewhere, oh, I don't know, outside of town? Dry river beds and the badlands, yes. Main Street, no. You're not sure what they're doing here, but they're probably going to try attacking whatever comes their way until you figure out what to do about it.

So, what are your plans? Cope? Try to herd them out? Fight them? Go outside and find out what's happening to their habitat that would chase them into town? (Hint on the latter: A familiar face pops up again, and you probably don't want to see him.)

Good luck, kids, and don't get too porcupined.

Also, I will not be around for the next week due to me skipping town. lineaalba will be your mod for that time.


The end of the April plot

How many days late is this?

Anyway, hi, guys. Right now, we're trying to wrap up an old plot and turn to something a bit more interesting. So, we've got the magician, who as it turns out is a thief who likes turning entire towns into Pokémon in order to clean them out during the confusion. He's about ready to leave, but he can't quite yet due to the fact that no train's heading the way he wants to go (i.e., anywhere he hasn't already been) yet. You, be you Pokémon or human, might have heard that there's something funny about him from the people around town, or you figure that, as a magical kind of person, he has something to do with the fact that you're a Pokémon.

So, what now? Maybe you should ask him.


April plot livejournal scene

Hey guys -

Even though the April plot is being extended into the first week or so of May, due to Jax and myself being busy with finals, I'm going to encourage those involved in the livejournal scene here: http://community.livejournal.com/lablanca_ic/40460.html (basically, humans-turned-pokemon storming Duffy's), to wrap it up in a few poses, not only because the plot is ending soon, but it'd also be necessary if you want to do any other scenes outside of this as pokemon, before the plot ends.

This isn't a demand, but merely a suggestion - I already posed out Moira to free myself up and get out of the scene.
Hi, remember me? I'm your friendly neighborhood GM. I've been on hiatus for the past couple of weeks thanks to a combination of computer troubles and the fact that it's nearing finals, and as we speak, I should be studying and writing not one but three different papers. (Four if we count one that's due a week from now.) I'll be on hiatus probably until the first or second week of May. Depends on how hard I work my ass off now.

All negativity aside, not sure if you guys heard yet, but the April plot will be extended until my hiatus is over, in part because we're all scrambling all over the place and in part because I'm not at all ready to send the magician off to help you guys wrap up the plot and move on to the May one.

Also, the corebook. It's a bit outdated, so it'll go through a slight rewrite when I'm done with my schoolwork. A lot of the things I'm planning for it will be in effect from here on out, so look below the cut for details:

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Hey, anyone feel like doing an IM scene?  I'm cool with AIM or MSN.  Just kind of wanting to RP with someone.  =D

oh my

I was surfing a site called Pixiv, which is a sort of dA for Japanese artists, and came across this. If a certain character had a predilection for kimono, I'd say this would be a fair depiction. XD

Wanted: Character Concepts

Since sexysuitsteven applied for a character concept I expressed interest in seeing (via my personal journal), I thought perhaps a post to the community where people can suggest certain concepts they'd like to in-game.

I figure this will be especially helpful for prospective players, or anyone looking to pick up an alt.

So, that being said - fire away!